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 As previously mentioned in other sections of this website, Mr. Joseph Verona was the last Manager of the Chicago & North Western Dining Car & Commissary Department based out of the Chicago Passenger Terminal in Chicago. He came from a railroad family with his father working and dying for the C&NW. He began his 53 year employ with the C&NW as a youngster out of Milwaukee’s Lakefront Passenger Depot. He ended his career with the C&NW as a Special Agent working out of Milwaukee’s Butler Yard. Mr. Verona died on 1995 in West Bend, WI. Following his funeral, his daughter Mary knew that I was an old railroad friend of his dad and presented me with two boxes of personal documents. Much of what was in the boxes happened to be related to his time at the Dining Car Department. In the following pages we will share much of those photos and files in the hope of highlighting the life of an old friend, but also to shed some insight into a little known department within an industry that mostly died in 1971; intercity passenger train operations by the private sector.

These photos and documents are presented for the reader’s enjoyment in no specific order. Most of the photos are from Mr. Verona’s private collection of files. Included in this portion of the website are also photos taken by Ralph Justen in the late 1960’s. Descriptive information may be provided on the item presented. Should you have any questions on any of the documents provided please contact us and hopefully we can answer your questions.                                                                                                                                                          


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