Railroad Dining Car Archives


Welcome to the Railroad Archives website. This website has been created to help preserve historical railroad documents and data. It is open to the public for personal enjoyment and research. The information enclosed has been accumulated from various private and public collections. In this primary phase of development it will focus on the Dining Car and Passenger Departments of The Chicago & North Western Railway, the Union Pacific Railroad and to a lesser degree the Southern Pacific Railroad. Presented within are both public and internal company documents of the dining car and passenger departments with special emphasis on the famous and fabled trains of the “Overland Route”. It is important that not only future generations know about the these world class trains but also that a better understanding be given to the complexities of these operations before fax machines, cell phones, cell texts and the internet with emailing were developed. The tabs above will allow the reader to choose the documents they choose to explore.

NOTE: This site is in its infancy. We continue to search for additional new documents and photos that can be included in this archival project. This website will be an ever changing entity. We can include items from private or public collections and give appropriate acknowledgement of the source. Occasionally we may be interested in purchasing unique pieces to enhance our project. Please view our Contact page for further information.